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Improving Customer Experience

Four Keys To Improve Customer Experience

Clients are becoming more demanding in terms of quality and speed of customer support. Time is limited and they can often take their business elsewhere in a heartbeat. The stakes are high for winning new customers, retaining them, and ensuring that they are happy and willing to spread the word about your services.

Succeeding in the marketplace requires listening to the voice of your customers throughout their entire journey with your business. Following are four keys that can provide the building blocks for improving your customer experience:

1)  Customer Contact Monitoring: There are a variety of channels through which a customer can contact an organization. Some customers call into a contact center while others prefer self-service through a website or mobile app, which then might lead to an online chat, an email request, or a call for support. It is common for a customer to use multiple channels to solve a particular need. Best practices requires that your company provides consistent information regardless of the channel. For instance, in the sales process, a customer might start on the Web to do some research before making a decision to purchase via a different channel. Across all these contact points, a firm must listen to the voice of the customer to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the interaction and determine the customer’s emotional reaction to that contact. The business insights from these omni-channel contacts can provide specific, actionable ideas not only for enhancements to contact handling, but also for business process improvements and product modifications.

2) Social Media Monitoring: Organizations can’t ignore Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or other social networks. Listening to and responding on social media is an opportunity to understand the customer voice on a different level. The content shared on social media is less predictable and certainly less controllable than other customer feedback mechanisms, as it can go viral quickly. Social media is an increasingly important “voice” of customers, and requires a plan for both monitoring and responding.

3) Customer Feedback: For consumers, it is routine to receive a request for feedback subsequent to a transaction, whether it’s an airline flight, an online purchase, a call for support, or even just a Web site visit. Those detailed surveys, or more targeted satisfaction scores, provide a snapshot of customer satisfaction and/or willingness to promote you to others at that given point in time.

4) Market Research: There is unlimited news and independent third-party perspectives regarding the customer experience for any given industry, and often specific businesses within an industry. Every organization needs to monitor its brand reputation to understand how consumers perceive their business. Companies can examine their own brand perception as well as that of their competitors to update their customer service model and reflect what’s working best within a particular industry.

If you are ready to enhance your customer experience, contact Worldwide Call Centers today at 719.368.8393 to discuss your situation and explore the Contact Center Outsourcing options available from the US and Canada to Eastern Europe, Asia or Latin America.

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Call Center Guidelines

Six Call Center Outsourcing Guidelines

Call Center Outsourcing can be a great move for your business – or a painful mistake if done incorrectly. Here are some guidelines that will help ensure that outsourcing to an external call center service is successful for your company:

1.) Find A Real Partner

When outsourcing to an external call center, you are essentially choosing a partner for your business. The agency should work in harmony with your employees and have the same type of work ethic and dedication to success.

2.) Get Out In Front

Don’t wait until you need help.  Good agencies can often setup very quickly…but give yourself a little breathing room. A few weeks to a month or so is a nice cushion to choose a call center and launch the application.

3.) Communication is Key!

Be clear about what you want outsourcing to accomplish. Communicate projects, expectations, costs, and timelines to your vendor.

4.) Make 1+1 = 3

Use a company that will expand your “talent base”.  Hire a call center in a different location with agents that have a different skill set than your current employees.

5.) Upgrade Your Technology

Outsourcing to a call center service agency is a great opportunity to upgrade your technology without spending a dime of capital.  Therefore, we encourage our clients to hire an agency that already has advanced technology in place.  Then, you can leverage this infrastructure to enhance your profitability from day one!

6.) Never just hire the Low Bidder!!

An external call center is the ultimate “non-commodity”. You are hiring a company to manage thousands of individual conversations with your customers on a daily basis. Look for a cost competitive agency that also has the experience and infrastructure to deliver day in and day out! Outsourcing is no longer about cutting costs and saving money. It is about how to do things quicker, more efficiently, getting to the market faster than your competitors, maximizing workforce flexibility and gaining access to highly qualified employees.

Call Center Outsourcing is becoming one of the most significant business trends of this decade and we can help you ride the wave!  If you are ready to explore the power of outsourcing, please contact us here or call 719.368.8393.

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Call Center Services

Business is Booming? Time to Outsource!

When business is booming and call volume is increasing, you may find that dedicating more resources to handling customer contact has an adverse effect on your fulfillment or production operations. Although the phone ringing is often a positive sign, high call volume that is mishandled can often bring growth to a screeching halt.

When that happens and you begin looking for ways to manage the volume, outsourcing all of part of your call center may be a viable solution. Here are some basic items to consider when outsourcing in boom times:

Call Center Outsourcing 101

The basic idea behind call center outsourcing is that your company contracts with another company to take calls on your behalf. Instead of all those calls reaching your office, the call center answers instead.

There are a few different terms used for companies that provide communication outsourcing services, including call centers, contact centers, and answering services.

Call centers are typically bigger, more advanced operations that focus on Inbound Customer Support and Outbound Sales. Contact centers are similar to call centers, only they handle multiple channels of communication such as phone, email, live chat, and social media. Answering services are often smaller and provide more simplistic services such as message taking and dispatching. Thanks to advances in technology, many call center companies offer both basic answering services and complex custom solutions.

Offshore versus Domestic

Many managers/owners will immediately scoff at the idea of outsourcing a portion of their call volume. This is generally due to outsourcing being depicted as a solution that sends jobs overseas.

While offshore outsourcing is certainly an option, a lot of outsourcing happens right here in the United States. When I started in this business, “outsourcing” actually meant hiring call center agents in Omaha or Sarasota! There are many domestic and international call centers available today and we can help you analyze the options.

Not Very Difficult…

Handing off your calls to a call center is far easier than you think. Our Call center partners will work with you to design a custom call center account that mirrors your internal operation, supports a specific process, or supplements a portion of your business.

The way our agencies answer the phone is a good example of this customization. If you greet callers with “Thank you for calling Top Notch Manufacturing Company, how may I help you?”, then we would have our agents answer in the same fashion.

Similarly, if there’s already an established process for handling appointment scheduling, order taking or customer support, we would evaluate the software being utilized and try to integrate it into the workflow. Then, the agents could answer calls and provide information just like you do in the office.

Sometimes the call center is a distinct operation, taking calls for something the office doesn’t handle. Perhaps we function as the after-hours emergency center, or the e-commerce order support hotline.

Overflow Call Handling Capabilities

The above examples illustrate the core objective of any call center outsourcing relationship.  This is to implement a solution that functions as an extension of your business.

After our agencies create your account and call handling workflow, all you have to do to launch the application is forward your phone lines.  Call center agents will be available when needed so calls can be forwarded on-demand, 24 hours a day.  Overflow call handling will allow us to start taking calls automatically whenever you’re busy.

Just like that, you have freed up time to refocus your resources without sacrificing customer service or losing potential business. You can finally relax and reap the benefits of having an overflow call center.

If you are ready to start your outsourcing journey,  contact us today or call at 719.368.8393.

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Offshore Call Centers

Onshore vs Offshore Call Centers

Offshore. Call. Centers.  These three words can often invoke negative feelings to consumers in many western nations.  Much of that is justified.  Some companies have used call centers in India or The Philippines incorrectly over the years.  They staffed poorly trained agents with thick accents and did everything possible to avoid solving your issue.

However, times are changing and professional call center agencies are leading the way!  When utilized correctly, offshore outsourcing can provide cost effective support to clients that just wouldn’t be available through western call centers.  The combination of low costs and superior technical skills have made call centers in Asia and Latin America an invaluable tool for many businesses today.

That being said, offshore and domestic agencies both have their place in the current call center industry.  Here is a breakdown:

1.) Offshore Call Center Agencies

Call Centers in low cost, developing countries like The Philippines, India, Latin America & Eastern Europe are often great choices for the following applications:

  • Consumer Lead Generation or Sales with very large targets/lists
  • High Volume Inbound Customer Support
  • Back Office Functions like Transcription, Chat, and Online Research
  • Functions that involve low margin products/services

Offshore call centers aren’t a fit for everything…but the cost savings are substantial and worth considering in the proper situation.

2.) Onshore Call Center Agencies  –

Call Centers in higher cost, developed countries like the US, UK, Australia, & Germany are often great choices for the following applications:

  • BtoB Sales or Lead Generation with a finite database
  • High Value Inbound Support
  • Low Volume Inbound or Outbound
  • Functions that involve high margin products/services

Higher priced call centers are still thriving because certain applications simply require the BEST agents possible.

For more than a decade, offshore outsourcing has been a great choice for businesses that want to cut costs and increase efficiency.  However, it’s not the best choice for everyone. Hiring an external call center, whether it’s an offshore or onshore call center, carries some amount of risk.  You are sharing information with a third party company, while also tasking them with connecting to your customers…THAT IS A BIG DEAL!  That’s why finding the best possible call center partner (for your unique situation) is vitally important to the success of your outsourcing efforts.

You can trust Worldwide Call Centers to connect you with the best onshore and offshore call centers, whether they are in Manila, Cape Town, Omaha, Prague or Sofia.  We are your Call Center Outsourcing Experts!