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Below Market Pricing…Be Careful

You find an international call center service that proposes a price that is several dollars below every other agency in that country.  Sounds great, right??  Not necessarily!  Here are the reasons to stay away from a call center company offering below market pricing:

  1. Loss Leader – Some newer agencies (especially in emerging market countries) will provide new clients with a price which is completely unprofitable.  They get the client to commit to them and cut ties with their internal center or other outsourcing partner (thinking they got a great deal).  Then, a few months later, the call center comes back with some reason why the price needs to be increased $2-$3/hour.  This practice is quite unethical and harmful to the client.  Be wary…
  2. Filling a hole – Call Centers will often provide a low price to clients that can quickly “fill a hole” that is left by another client that terminated their agreement.  First of all, you should be cautious about a call center that is put into this position.  Secondly, you will likely see the call center come back and raise the price as soon as they recover from the lost client.
  3. Nickel & Dimed – Most professional call centers charge standard rates that are essentially “all-inclusive” – with no or minimal charges for telco, reporting, programming, etc.  Desperate agencies will occasionally provide a low hourly rate to get the business with intentions of charging a variety of fees for every ancillary service they provide.  Make sure that every fee is spelled out in advance…
  4. Rarely Successful – Most importantly, below market contracts are almost never successful in the long term.

Find a good Call Center, pay them a fair rate, and enjoy the power of outsourcing!!  Ready to get started?  Please contact Worldwide Call Centers today at (719) 368-8393.

Did you know…
With all of the turmoil in Europe and the US today, now is a good time to look to emerging markets to do a variety of business…including call center services.  Call Centers in locations such as can be great options that offer low costs, educated labor, & multiple language capability.  From Sales & Lead Generation to Customer Service & Technical Support, emerging market call centers are often the best possible option.  If you are ready to “Go International” with your Call Center Service, then give Worldwide Call Centers a call today at (719) 368-8393!

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The Best Applications for Inexpensive Call Centers

Many companies have considered using inexpensive call centers in India, Pakistan, The Philippines, or Eastern Europe. We work with dozens of companies in these countries and they can do a great job on various call center applications. However, they aren’t a fit for everything. Here are some of the best uses of inexpensive international call centers:

1.) BtoC Telemarketing (Large Database) – If you are looking for BtoC Telemarketing Services and have a larger amount of cheap data, then low cost call center agencies can be a great fit.

2.) Technical Support – If you require Inbound agents with high level technical training, then the locations listed above might be a great fit. The universities in these countries produce massive volumes of skilled labor in engineering and computer science…perfect for technical support or help desk applications.

3.) Back Office Support – This type of work can be a great way to take advantage of the low costs in India, Pakistan or The Philippines. Data Entry, Transcription, Internet Research or simple Inbound or Outbound calls are good examples.

4.) Outbound Telemarketing Tests – Do you have an unproven outbound campaign/idea? Inexpensive international call centers can be a great place to test for a few thousand dollars.

If you are ready to consider hiring an call center agency (domestic or international), please contact Worldwide Call Centers today at or 719.368.8393!