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US Labor Shortage

Labor Shortage Issues

in 2023, the biggest issue for many companies is a lack of available skilled & unskilled employees.  As workers walk out or demand more flexible hours, most businesses are facing a challenging labor market.  In fact, in a recent survey of 1,250 business owners, 87% said that the labor shortage has affected their operations.

However, the majority of business owners are finding ways to cope with the difficulty in hiring employees, from automation tools and training current workers to paying higher wages to attract new employees.  Here are the findings below:

  • 3 out of 4 business owners have considered or invested in automation solutions in the face of the labor shortage
  • Of those that have turned to automation, more than half believe this shift will permanently cut back labor
  • 71% of business owners said they are already outsourcing or are considering this option
  • 73% believe the labor shortage has been partially caused by government benefits

To continue servicing customers without a full staff, business owners are turning to more flexible solutions. As an alternative to full-time employees, 71% of business owners surveyed said they had considered or invested in freelance or offshore labor instead. 75% also stated that they have considered or already invested in automation tools as a result of the workforce shortage. Of those who have embraced automation, 55% stated that they believe this shift in their business will permanently cut back labor for the foreseeable future.

In addition to freelance, offshore, and automation alternatives, 72% say they have had to pivot their offerings as a result of the labor market by decreasing open hours or selling more niche products. A majority also say that they have implemented training programs to better help current employees fulfill jobs that business owners would have otherwise hired someone to do.

While most businesses are finding ways to cope, the solution for many customer support & sales operations is clear – OUTSOURCING.  The consultants at Worldwide Call Centers are ready to help SMB’s and large companies around the world in hiring great partners.   Our agencies in locations like Latin America, The Philippines, India, & South Africa are not facing the same labor shortages so they are able to provide great agents at reasonable rates.

Call Center Outsourcing is a powerful tool that is relatively easy to implement.  You can trust Worldwide Call Centers to connect you with the best onshore and offshore call centers, whether they are in Manila, Cape Town, Omaha, Prague or Sofia.

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