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Collections Outsourcing (both Inbound & Outbound) has grown exponentially during the past decade. Moreover, collections is a very difficult task and many of our customers find that the most effective solution is to outsource to our domestic or international call centers.  Our Senior Consultants can make this happen immediately by facilitating your collections outsourcing process.  We will help you hire experienced collections call centers either in the US or offshore to handle your receivables management operations.  Furthermore, our Senior Advisors are true industry experts with decades of experience managing collections call center outsourcing processes.  Let us put top-quality, cost-effective call center agencies to work for you today.

  • Need to scale your outbound calls?
  • Sick of internal HR issues?
  • Frustrated by your current call center agency?
  • Ready to focus on your business instead of your call center?
  • If so, hiring a great collections call center might be the perfect solution!

Below are some of the ways outsourcing collections can help improve your bottom line:

1.) Lower Costs

Running an internal call center is a very costly operation.  Payroll, printing/mailing costs, skip tracing databases, analytics software, certifications, and compliance costs can quickly add up. Therefore, outsourcing allows you to transfer these costs to call center agency and connect them directly to the revenue collected.

2.) Higher Revenue

Maximum revenue is always the #1 goal in any receivables management operation.   What better way to accomplish this goal than to outsource to a professional agency? Utilizing the resources of an outside call center can increase your company’s revenue significantly by collecting more accounts in a shorter cycle.

3.) Improved Productivity

Outsourcing your collections provides a dedicated team using 100% of their time and efforts towards collecting on past-due accounts. With full attention being given to this process, your company can maintain a shorter collections cycle.  Thus, reducing the amount of time spent collecting on delinquent accounts.  Outsourcing also frees up your own employees to focus on your core business.

4.) Increased Collection Rates

Are you utilizing internal agents that are poorly trained or inexperienced in proper call center or collections techniques?  If so, you may be losing money every working hour.  Many of our call center agencies are solely focused on collections 24 hours a day. This minimizes distractions and provides you with agents and management that can focus on maximizing revenue for your business.

Hiring The Best Call Centers
Request Free Quotes now to let us analyze your specific receivables management needs along with the advantages of each call center location.  Then, your search will be targeted to introduce you to the call centers with the best combination of location, experience, size, available capacity, and price for your application.

Worldwide Call Centers is your outsourcing connection to the best call center agencies in the United States, UK, Europe, Canada, AsiaLatin America.  For a FREE consultation or to request more information, contact us today.


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