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Improving Customer Experience | Mobile

Smartphones have become an indispensable facet of our lives that is driving everything from our socialization to our purchasing habits and beyond.  Moreover, many companies from manufacturers to marketers to customer support agencies have become completely obsessed with these changes. It is triggering a significant shift in corporate spending towards new mobile marketing programs. As a result, companies are ramping up their mobile marketing activity every month.  Our clients regularly ask us to provide some key success factors to best leverage this new channel. Below are three essentials that must be considered for any mobile marketing initiative:

1. “Appvertising” is Driving Engagement –

Apps are a truly indispensable part of mobile marketing. Consumers can easily download the app for their favorite brands and interact with them to make purchases, discover new information, and share with their friends. Apps are a form of advertising that many people actually welcome onto their phones.  Consumers are happy to download free applets or, in many cases, even pay for them. Companies are using apps in many ways like providing new services, tools, or games to extend their brand, creating a mobile site so their customers have easier access to their offering, or serving up mobile banner ads to reach their target ‘on the go.’

2. QR Bar Codes Drive Integration –

Traditional advertising vehicles like magazines, outdoor ads and newspapers now feature QR codes on a regular basis. Scanning QR bar codes with a smartphone reader enables consumers to more deeply explore a brand or promotion via micro sites, video, and audio tools. Leveraging these codes also drive stronger cross-program integration thereby increasing overall marketing effectiveness and efficiency.

3. New Brand Experiences

Mobile enables new brand experiences that go way beyond traditional advertising. Unlike passive advertising and promotion, mobile marketing allows brands to engage consumers in unique, personalized, ‘always on’ and location-based relationships. Mobile advertising often delivers new forms of engagement unavailable with other media.  Examples include coupons that can be instantly redeemed in store or a Nike app that can help them with their workouts. Mobile is changing the way brands reach consumers and we need to embrace the power of this medium.

Like it or not, every company and brand is being impacted by mobile marketing and the consumer dialogue it enables. The challenge is finding the best way to leverage this new medium while ensuring it integrates with your marketing mix.

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