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Do you need cost effective customer support or sales for your business?  Are you interested in instantly upgrading your technology while cutting costs?  Ready to focus on your core business instead of your call center?  If so, hiring a proven call center in India might be the perfect solution!  Indian Call Centers are so prolific in our industry and that the very term “outsourcing” is often synonymous with their country!  While is notion certainly isn’t true, India is home to thousands of outbound & inbound call center agencies with skills in applications such as:

We have been outsourcing to India for many years and know the market well. The Inbound & Outbound Call Centers in India generally feature rates that are around 60%-75% less expensive than agencies in Europe or the US.  They normally offer a unique suite of services from non-voice back office applications to tech support and telemarketing.

Best Applications for Indian Call Centers:

1.) Inbound Technical Support – 

Indian technical support agencies can be a great option if you require Inbound agents with high level technical training.  Indian universities produce massive volumes of skilled labor in engineering and computer science that are perfect for technical support or help desk applications.

2.) Outbound with Large Databases

If you are looking for an outbound call center and have a large, inexpensive database, then low cost agencies can be a great fit.  

3.) Back Office Processing

This type of work can be a great way to take advantage of the low costs in India.  Data entry, transcription, internet research are great tasks to outsource offshore.

4.) Outbound Telemarketing Tests

Do you have an unproven outbound campaign or idea? Low cost international call centers can be a great place to test for a few thousand dollars.

5.) Consumer Customer Support

Indian call centers can be a good option when you are providing high volume support for a single product or one time customers.   When margin is lean without a repeat client base, cost containment should be a priority.

Hire The Best Call Centers

India has become a true Outsourcing Powerhouse with more than 1 million agents employed providing customer support and sales for clients in the US and other Western Countries. This has been driven by low costs, access to highly educated agents, reduction in telecom rates, & the ease to information transfer online.

Ready to discuss the many advantages of outsourcing to outbound or inbound call centers in India?  If so, WCC consultants are available to assist in analyzing your situation, discussing the best options, and introducing you to great call centers in MumbaiPune, Dehli, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, & Kolkata.

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