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Five Contact Center Outsourcing Mistakes

The contact center is one of the most important departments in any organization. Contact center agents have the most direct connection with your customers, the people who ultimately determine whether your business succeeds or fails. Considering how important the contact center is to business success, plenty of mistakes are still being made on a daily basis in call centers around the world.  Here’s a list of the five contact center outsourcing mistakes that you should avoid:

1.) Improper agent training

Whether a contact center agent has prior experience or they are brand new to the field, they will need to be properly trained before they start interacting with customers. Many contact centers fail to adequately train agents because they don’t want to make the investment…given the high turnover rate in the industry. However, contact center training should be an ongoing process. A one week training session at the beginning of employment just isn’t enough to cut it. Your agents need to be continually trained on your systems and, most importantly, on sales and call handling techniques to produce more happy customers!

2.) Not properly analyzing data

Modern call center technology is great, but it’s useless if it’s not being used efficiently. Modern call centers have greater access to data…but what they do with the data is what really matters! Call centers must have a system in place to ensure that data is properly analyzed in order to incorporate insights into new business plans.

3.) Not focusing on the customer

Many contact center services have become obsessed with scripting, agent utilization, and call resolution time.  However, they often forget that the focus should on developing happy customers. It seems obvious, but the customer should always be made to feel like they are the top priority, and not just a figure on a stat sheet!

4.) Clinging to legacy contact center technology

Modern contact center technology including speech analytics, call mining, call recording, data mining, and real time reporting solutions have revolutionized customer support. Modern agents and managers now have access to immediate data.  This information can be used to make important business decisions in regards to agent training, marketing, sales development.  Clinging to technology of the past can be a serious mistake.  Outsourcing can be a great way to leapfrog your competition by employing the most advanced technology overnight.

5.) Outsourcing to the wrong call center partner

There is nothing wrong with contact center outsourcing.  In fact, outsourcing is often the most cost effective solution.  However, finding the right partner can be tricky.   Please research a variety of options and get proposals from several potential contact center partners.  Rarely will the cheapest or most convenient agency is the best option.  Today, many contact centers are industry specialists that develop agents with significant knowledge to share with customers in that niche. Take your time, do your research, test multiple agencies, and try to find the best outsourced call center possible.

If you are ready to enhance the performance of your business, contact Worldwide Call Centers today at 719.368.8393.  Our senior consultants are ready to discuss your situation in depth.  Then, we can explore the contact center outsourcing options available from the US and Canada to Eastern Europe, Asia or Latin America.

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Call Center Services

Business is Booming? Time to Outsource!

When business is booming and call volume is increasing, you may find that dedicating more resources to handling customer contact has an adverse effect on your fulfillment or production operations. Although the phone ringing is often a positive sign, high call volume that is mishandled can often bring growth to a screeching halt.

When that happens and you begin looking for ways to manage the volume, outsourcing all of part of your call center may be a viable solution. Here are some basic items to consider when outsourcing in boom times:

Call Center Outsourcing 101

The basic idea behind call center outsourcing is that your company contracts with another company to take calls on your behalf. Instead of all those calls reaching your office, the call center answers instead.

There are a few different terms used for companies that provide communication outsourcing services, including call centers, contact centers, and answering services.

Call centers are typically bigger, more advanced operations that focus on Inbound Customer Support and Outbound Sales. Contact centers are similar to call centers, only they handle multiple channels of communication such as phone, email, live chat, and social media. Answering services are often smaller and provide more simplistic services such as message taking and dispatching. Thanks to advances in technology, many call center companies offer both basic answering services and complex custom solutions.

Offshore versus Domestic

Many managers/owners will immediately scoff at the idea of outsourcing a portion of their call volume. This is generally due to outsourcing being depicted as a solution that sends jobs overseas.

While offshore outsourcing is certainly an option, a lot of outsourcing happens right here in the United States. When I started in this business, “outsourcing” actually meant hiring call center agents in Omaha or Sarasota! There are many domestic and international call centers available today and we can help you analyze the options.

Not Very Difficult…

Handing off your calls to a call center is far easier than you think. Our Call center partners will work with you to design a custom call center account that mirrors your internal operation, supports a specific process, or supplements a portion of your business.

The way our agencies answer the phone is a good example of this customization. If you greet callers with “Thank you for calling Top Notch Manufacturing Company, how may I help you?”, then we would have our agents answer in the same fashion.

Similarly, if there’s already an established process for handling appointment scheduling, order taking or customer support, we would evaluate the software being utilized and try to integrate it into the workflow. Then, the agents could answer calls and provide information just like you do in the office.

Sometimes the call center is a distinct operation, taking calls for something the office doesn’t handle. Perhaps we function as the after-hours emergency center, or the e-commerce order support hotline.

Overflow Call Handling Capabilities

The above examples illustrate the core objective of any call center outsourcing relationship.  This is to implement a solution that functions as an extension of your business.

After our agencies create your account and call handling workflow, all you have to do to launch the application is forward your phone lines.  Call center agents will be available when needed so calls can be forwarded on-demand, 24 hours a day.  Overflow call handling will allow us to start taking calls automatically whenever you’re busy.

Just like that, you have freed up time to refocus your resources without sacrificing customer service or losing potential business. You can finally relax and reap the benefits of having an overflow call center.

If you are ready to start your outsourcing journey,  contact us today or call at 719.368.8393.