Direct Response | DRTV Call Centers

  • Planning to launch a DRTV or Radio Advertising campaign?
  • Worried about handling the incoming calls?
  • Need to reduce abandon rates or increase conversions?

Then, hiring a DRTV Call Center thru the WCC Network might be the perfect solution!

Direct Response Marketing (Television & Radio) has been a pillar of the call center outsourcing industry since the 1970’s. DRTV or Radio Response are inherently very difficult to handle via an in-house call center. The volume fluctuations are often so severe that the only option is to outsource to a mid-size to a large call center with dozens of other clients which will help to “smooth” out the volume curve.

Worldwide Call Centers has been involved in this industry for almost 20 years and we have connections with the best DRTV call centers (both Domestic & International) that can manage your customer support,  sales, or order taking activity whether you get 10 calls, 50 calls, 500 calls, or 5000 calls per commercial.

Hiring the right direct response call center can make the difference between success and failure on your next DRTV campaign.  Unfortunately, this is a niche segment of the call center industry and 90% of agencies are unequipped to handle severe volume fluctuations.   At no cost to you, your WCC Consultant will help you find you the best performing direct response call centers that will increase sales and impact your bottom line.

Utilize the power of the WCC Network to hire the BEST Direct Response Call Centers!

We can introduce you to 3-5 of the most appropriate agencies for your application in 24 hours.  Moreover, you can count on us to find the best direct response call centers based on experience, specialties, services, and pricing.

Your WCC Consultant will assist with your call center strategy to significantly impact your bottom line. Our DRTV call center partners will increase your inbound sales, up-sells, and average order size. In addition, by implementing outbound sales order recovery of lost sales or inquiries you can generate incremental revenue by monetizing lost sales from your direct response campaign and lower your overall cost per order by as much as 30%.

Hiring The Best DRTV Call Center

Request Free Quotes now to let your Worldwide Consultant analyze your specific needs along with the benefits of each DRTV Call Center location.  We will then help you find the best combination of location, experience, size, available capacity, and price for your application.

Global Locations

We are Your Best Source to Outsource Your Direct Response Campaign to Call Centers in the US, UK, Asia, Latin American or Eastern Europe!  For a FREE consultation or to request more information, contact Worldwide Call Centers today!