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If so, Outsourcing to Call Centers in California might be the perfect solution!

High Tech and local companies have been outsourcing to call centers in California for over 40 years.  Call centers here are well suited to conduct everything from b2b outbound to inbound ordertaking and customer support.  Our call centers are located in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Ana, Sacramento & Fresno and many cities in between.  WCC call centers in CA are currently operational with over a dozen very happy clients.  If you need highly skilled, accent neutral agents, our consultants are ready to be your guide.

Now – California call centers aren’t perfect.  They tend to be more expensive than call centers in the midwest and could be twice the cost of nearshore call centers in Mexico, Belize, or the Dominican Republic.  However, with a high value product and a limited database – outbound call centers in CA might be the best value.   Our inbound call centers in CA are also a great option when supporting high dollar BtoB services for valuable, repeat customers.  If you need a true call center partner and demand excellence on every single interaction, then call centers in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Sacramento might be the right choice.

Hiring The Best California Call Centers…

Please contact us today if you need to hire a GREAT call center in The Golden State.   Your WCC consultant will analyze your specific needs along with the advantages and disadvantages of each call center location.  The search will be focused on call centers with the best combination of location, experience, size, available capacity, and price.

Worldwide Call Centers is your source to hire the best call centers in California for high tech sales, customer support, lead generation, appointment setting, & more.  Please contact us today for a FREE Consultation or to request quotes from the California call centers in our network.

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