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Wireless Call Center Outsourcing

Need to scale or improve your wireless or broadband support? Need to reduce costs while improving customer satisfaction?  If so, hiring wireless call centers in the WCC Network might be the perfect solution!  In fact, Worldwide Call Centers has been very successful in helping telecom service companies become more profitable since 1998.  Moreover, our wireless & broadband call centers have acquired millions of new residential and business customers.  However, telco customers are notoriously fickle, jumping from provider to provider in search of the best value and service.  Therefore, our call centers are skilled at slowing the churn by improving the customer experience that creates lasting loyalty.  Our Senior Advisors are ready to recommend great wireless support or mobile call centers (onshore, nearshore, or offshore) that are the best fit based upon your requirements.

Boost Sales or Scale Support by Outsourcing 

Team WCC can help you implement a customer care strategy that helps drive customer loyalty, revenues, and gain a competitive advantage.  Moreover, we are ready to leverage decades of call center industry expertise we can help you optimize customer experience.  Therefore, the result is less churn, more customers, and greater profitability.  Whether you need outbound sales to acquire new customers, inbound sales, customer care, customer win-back, consulting services, or customer service, WCC has the knowledge and experience to help you outsource straightaway!

Wireless Call Center Services include:

  • Customer Support
  • Activation and Disconnects
  • Technical Support
  • New Customer Acquisition & Order Taking
  • Tele Sales (Inbound and Outbound)
  • Cross Sales and Upsells
  • Customer Win-back and Retention
  • New Connects & Billing Support
  • Relationship and Customer Lifestyle Management
  • Third Party Verification
  • Spanish Speaking Programs
Products Supported:
  • Network Services
  • Wireless Support
  • High Speed Internet
  • Broadband & WiFi Support
  • Television (Cable and Satellite)

Our Consulting Services Include:
  • Providing referrals to call centers that are the best match for your application.
  • Profiling and carefully screening potential call center partners.
  • Presenting internet service & wireless call centers we recommend by category based on capabilities, skill sets, call type expertise, and experience
  • Evaluate the cost benefits and pricing for USA, nearshore, or offshore call centers
  • Ensuring that the call centers we recommend are high quality, will start on time, and deliver immediate performance and sales results

Need to hire great wireless or mobile call centers?  Then, WCC is your one source to outsource! For a FREE consultation or to request more information, contact Worldwide Call Centers today

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