Communicating With Your Outsourced Call Center Agencies

My colleagues often hear me say that “there is no such thing as too much communication when it comes to your call center outsourcing company”.  Effective communication really is the key to finding the right call center partners, training them properly, and then managing the inevitable ups and downs of the relationship.

Here are five quick recommendations to aid the communication process with your outsourced call center agencies:

1.) Be familiar with the call center vendor’s culture and schedule –

Typical domestic or international call center companies may operate 24/7, but it doesn’t mean that the recipients of your messages are also available round-the-clock.  Know the right time to communicate with the management or the agents. Familiarizing yourself with communication practices and lingual contexts in the country would also help enhance message delivery.

2.) Establish channels –

There should be dedicated channels where you and the call center company could send and receive messages.  This could either be via electronic means (chat, phone, video conference, etc) or through the liaison officer you stationed in the outsourcing location.

3.) Be interactive –

Encourage interactivity by opting for live channels such as video conferences and phone calls.  Two-way communication promotes real-time exchange of messages, thus eliminating delays.  Here, you get to immediately address concerns and clarify questions that could possibly become a problem if left unanswered even for a short period.

4.) Be ahead of time –

Have a proactive, rather than a reactive, approach not just to resolving concerns but also in delivering messages.  Tell your staff everything they have to know about strategies or campaigns before they ask questions. Also, news about changes should be delivered early to give people sufficient time to prepare.

5.) Schedule messages –

Messages should follow a standard format and must arrive on a regular, predictable schedule.  This way, your employees would know when to anticipate your calls and quickly grasp key points in your written messages.

Poor communication between you and the call center companies could lead to the unnecessary failure of the relationship and loss of profit for all organizations.  Culture, time, and distance should never contribute to a failed deal if you establish proper understanding and clear communication from the start.

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