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Customer Support Outsourcing

Five Reasons to Outsource Your Customer Support

Business is growing and your management team is balancing customer satisfaction with maintaining margins. Your goal is to provide effective customer support to your customers while keeping your costs low. Whether via phone or online, you want your customers to get great 24/7 customer service.  Unfortunately, your in-house call center has issues.  Either your technology is outdated, costs are too high, or great agents are difficult to find in your area. Maybe it is time to think “outside of the box” and consider hiring one or more external customer service providers?  Here are five reasons to outsource your customer support:

1.) Cut costs and save BIG

Organizations running their own contact and fulfillment departments often experience higher costs. Outsourcing converts fixed costs into variable costs and allows you to budget effectively.  Therefore, your company will no longer need to invest on employee training or expensive technology.  Outsourcing your customer service to a trusted vendor can help you save on capital expenditures and increase your operational flexibility.

2.) Get access to skilled agents

Professional outsourcing providers have dedicated teams to provide outstanding customer service which can give your business a competitive edge.  Moreover, these personnel often have high level skills across a variety of industries and technologies.  This can help you achieve superior quality and unmatched proficiency in customer service.

3.) Increase your efficiency and competitiveness

Outsourcing your support ensures your customers receive the help they need…when they need it. This will increase satisfaction, boost repeat orders and make your operation more effective all around. Top service providers also have the capacity to absorb dramatic demand shifts, enabling quicker ramp-ups and ramp-downs than in-house centers.

4.) Focus on what you do best!

In the face of competition, outsourcing your customer care also enables you to focus on core areas of your business while concentrating on its long-term, strategic functions. This will allow you to leverage the power of outsourcing and stay ahead of your competition.

5.) Increase revenue

Customer service providers can work with you to generate revenue through your customer care operations.  This can be accomplished by improving reorders & average order size…while boosting your up-sell and cross-selling activity.

Ready to consider outsourcing your call center operations?  Our senior consultants are available to assist in analyzing your situation, discuss the best options, and introduce you to great call centers in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia & Latin America.

Worldwide Call Centers is Your Source for the Best Global Call Centers in Customer Service, Tech Support, Telemarketing, Lead Generation, Market Research, Sales, & more.  For a FREE consultation or to request more information, contact us today!

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Scaling Your Customer Support

Four Ways to Effectively Scale Your Customer Support Call Centers

While many companies are already focused on customer support, they often struggle to balance productivity, scaling, and maintaining the human touch of personalized customer experiences. Here are a few practical tips to help your company stay productive and scale your customer support call centers, without making your customers feeling like they’re working with a robot:

1. Boost Productivity Through Collaboration

Small inefficiencies add up quickly and drain your resources. Saving agent time and improving collaboration boosts productivity without turning them into robots. For this reason, allowing employees to utilize cloud-based collaboration tools like Slack and Trello is a great idea!

2. Balance Live vs. Automated

Striking a balance between a personalized customer experience and responding to customer requests in a timely manner, can be difficult. So how do you ensure a good experience for your customer without taking too long to respond? Utilize features that maximize efficiency of your live operators to give your customer the best experience possible. Consider setting up time-based escalations or action-based alerts, and writing pre-configured templates for frequent responses. Little things like these allow agents to respond faster and be inserted at the most crucial times, so you can maintain a personal touch when it counts.

3. Help your customers help themselves

A well-designed Help Center – or an all in one knowledge base, community, and customer portal — deflects issues and appeals to the 67% of consumers that would prefer to use self-service rather than contact support. When your customers can find their own answers quickly and easily, everybody wins.

4. Leverage Multichannel Customer Support

The modern customer demands an effortless experience.  Which means they want to be able to connect with you when and where it’s convenient for them.  Accordingly, that might be via phone, via Twitter, over email, or even within your corporate application.  Innovative companies need to build a multi-channel support foundation that allows you to tie these contact points together.   Consequently, this will make it manageable for your team and allow for adding new methods, as necessary.  Consider solutions that can expand to include traditional phone, email or live chat support alongside social media, self-service and embedded mobile offerings.

If you are ready to scale or improve your Multichannel Customer Support, contact Worldwide Call Centers today at 719.368.8393 to discuss your situation.  Our consultants will discuss the Customer Support Call Centers available from the US and Canada to Eastern Europe, Asia or Latin America.

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Social Media

Improving Customer Support through Social Media

How does your contact center deliver exceptional customer support? Do you ensure that no customer waits on hold longer than three minutes?  Are you giving your support agents the freedom to improvise each call to meet customer needs?  Do you enforce a “customer first” policy?  For a number of contact center services, it’s these factors and more that lead to the optimal customer experience.

With the emergence of social media, however, the customer support game has changed…forever!  It’s no longer enough to provide your customers the opportunity to call a toll free number with a problem or concern. They must have access to multiple channels, including social media, and they often insist on receiving an immediate response.

Here are some tips to successfully integrate Social Media into your Customer Support Operations:

1.) Speed

It’s everything when it comes to social media. Who hasn’t seen a post on Twitter or Facebook when the hold time was too long in the call center? Your Customer Support Operations need to recognize these issues and response immediately.

2.) Care

Speed has the potential to lead to missed opportunity. Take care in the responses you provide on social media channels so that they support your brand in both character and personality.

3.) Listen

It’s easy to get caught up on the message you want to communicate to the audience instead of listening to the issue. There’s a reason they are reaching out to you – be sure to pay attention and address it.

4.) Direction

When an issue comes in via social media that can’t be addressed in just a few words, it’s important to send the customer to the right destination. Make sure they can get resolution at that location so they only have to click through one time.

5.) Success

When you have happy customers who share success on social media, shout it from the rooftops and share it as much as possible.

6.) Advocates

Happy customers are your best advertisers, so invite them to be advocates for your brand. One of the best ways to do so is to reach out when they have something great to say about you. People love this kind of acknowledgement and will seek it time and again.

7.) Accuracy

Social media posts are often quick, which means it’s easy to make a spelling or grammar error. Your brand and the competency of your staff will be judged by posts, so apply accordingly.

If you are ready to enhance your customer support with the use of social media, contact Worldwide Call Centers today at 719.368.8393 to discuss your situation and explore the Soclal Media Outsourcing Options available from the US and Canada to Eastern Europe, Asia or Latin America.

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Multilingual Customer Support

Keys to Effective Multilingual Customer Support

Many businesses have gone international both in terms of outreach and operations.  The global business environment has led to the need to outsource some operations, most specifically customer support, to be able to meet demands of customer diversity – from different time zones, cultures and multilingual support.  For a call center to remain competitive, they need to be able keep up with important client demands (low wait time, efficient call handling, high quality scores are some examples). Multilingual customer support is often the “next step” that can generate additional revenue and keep your customers happy.  But how do we build efficient multilingual call centers? Here are four ways to ensure great customer service delivery is done across language barriers.

1. Determine the appropriate level of support.

Before you can start on the recruitment process, you need to tailor your operations down to the specifics – what languages can you provide support for, what time zones can you service and the level of customer support you can give?

You can offer multilingual support in many ways – from full service live operator customer service to translation services to offering e-mail or chat support only. This decision has to be made by taking in considerations such as: customer type (business or consumer), customer expectations, costs, margins & importance of repeat transactions.

2. Offer competitive employee packages.

By setting goals in the recruitment process, companies can offer competitive packages to diminish call center employee attrition rates. Clients should provide specifications on the call center agent profile they want on their team. This makes the recruitment process easier because the right people are recruited based on the requirements of the client.

While recruitment might be easy, retaining multilingual call center agents is difficult. High call center attrition rates are common problems for call centers. This is why it is particularly important that there are staff retention strategies and policies that keep call center agents satisfied. Multilingual call center agents know they are a valuable resources because of the languages they speak so providing them with a better compensation package should be a priority.

3. Continuous Training.

When multilingual call center agents are hired, it is important not only to train them on operation specifics using the language they will provide support…it is crucial that they know specific customary best practices on the country they will be handling.

Agents at multilingual call centers have to provide customer service for people not only speaking a different language but also belonging to a different culture and who might have different expectations for customer service. You would need to create guidelines that use clear and simple language easily understood by non-native speakers.

Continuous training is also important through e-mail updates, workshops or one-on-one coaching sessions with a QA analyst or supervisor.

4. Customer Expectation Management.

One last key to offer multilingual customer support is to set customer expectations. To avoid unnecessary frustration, be clear on what you do and don’t provide. Customers need to know firsthand that they are going to be speaking with a non-native speaker so they will be mindful on how they will talk to the customer service agent.

In addition, make sure that customer support pages from FAQs, guidelines and how-to’s are available in all supported languages and are placed strategically on your web site. This will help to minimize calls…especially if you have a small team for multilingual customer support.

If you are looking to hire multilingual call centers, please contact us here or call 719.368.8393.