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Social Media

Improving Customer Support through Social Media

How does your contact center deliver exceptional customer support? Do you ensure that no customer waits on hold longer than three minutes?  Are you giving your support agents the freedom to improvise each call to meet customer needs?  Do you enforce a “customer first” policy?  For a number of contact center services, it’s these factors and more that lead to the optimal customer experience.

With the emergence of social media, however, the customer support game has changed forever!  It’s no longer enough to provide your customers the opportunity to call a toll free number with a problem or concern. They must have access to multiple channels, including social media, and they often insist on receiving an immediate response.

Here are some tips to successfully integrate Social Media into your Customer Support Operations:

1.) Speed

It’s everything when it comes to social media. Who hasn’t seen a post on Twitter or Facebook when the hold time was too long in the call center? Your Customer Support Operations need to recognize these issues and response immediately.

2.) Care

Speed has the potential to lead to missed opportunity. Take care in the responses you provide on social media channels so that they support your brand in both character and personality.

3.) Listen

It’s easy to get caught up on the message you want to communicate to the audience instead of listening to the issue. There’s a reason they are reaching out to you – be sure to pay attention and address it.

4.) Direction

When an issue comes in via social media that can’t be addressed in just a few words, it’s important to send the customer to the right destination. Make sure they can get resolution at that location so they only have to click through one time.

5.) Success

When you have happy customers who share success on social media, shout it from the rooftops and share it as much as possible.

6.) Advocates

Happy customers are your best advertisers, so invite them to be advocates for your brand. One of the best ways to do so is to reach out when they have something great to say about you. People love this kind of acknowledgement and will seek it time and again.

7.) Accuracy

Social media posts are often quick, which means it’s easy to make a spelling or grammar error. Your brand and the competency of your staff will be judged by posts, so apply accordingly.

If you are ready to enhance your customer support with the use of social media, contact Worldwide Call Centers today at +1.719.368.8393 to discuss your situation and explore the Soclal Media Outsourcing Options available from the US and Canada to Eastern Europe, Asia or Latin America.