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Three Rules For Successful Call Center Sales Outsourcing:
  1. Always test with more than one agency.  Not only do you take advantage of multiple management teams to improve the campaign...but you can also encourage them to compete for the rollout.
  2. Always test more than one list source.  There are so many lists available need to use multiple sources and multiple profiles.
  3. Always Test More Than One Script!  You would be amazed to see the difference that a small change in script will make to a campaign.  Never write a script and stick to it...always be testing and innovating.
If you are ready to experience the power of Call Center Outsourcing, please contact Worldwide Call Centers today at (719) 368-8393.
Did you know...
With all of the turmoil in Europe and the US today, now is a good time to look to emerging markets to do a variety of business...including call center services.  Call Centers in locations such as South Africa, Bulgaria, Hungary, Jamaica, The Dominican Republic, Peru, Mexico, The Philippines, India, Pakistan, Costa Rica & El Salvador can be great options that offer low costs, educated labor, & multiple language capability.  From Sales & Lead Generation to Customer Service & Technical Support, emerging market call centers are often the best possible option.  If you are ready to "Go International" with your Call Center Outsourcing, then give Worldwide Call Centers a call today at (719) 368-8393!