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When considering outsourcing to an international call center agency, the culture of the country is VERY important.  Please make sure to research:
  1. Agent Temperament - A typical agent in The Philippines will have a very different temperament that an agent in India.  Make sure that your application and natural agent temperament are a match!
  2. Demographics - Get to know the countries you are considering and how demographics effect their performance.  For instance, South African Call Centers are masters at multi-lingual work almost solely based on demographics of their population.
  3. Comfort/Affinity - Outsource to a country in which your comfort level is high and where you like to visit.  This is important because you should visit the call center regularly and the location or culture of the outsourcing country should not get in the way of your success.
Please contact us today to discuss further and start your outsourcing journey!
Did you know...
With all of the turmoil in Europe and the US today, now is a good time to look to emerging markets to do a variety of business...including call center services.  Call Centers in locations such as South Africa, Bulgaria, Hungary, Jamaica, The Dominican Republic, Peru, Mexico, The Philippines, India, Pakistan, Costa Rica & El Salvador can be great options that offer low costs, educated labor, & multiple language capability.  From Sales & Lead Generation to Customer Service & Technical Support, emerging market call centers are often the best possible option.  If you are ready to "Go International" with your Call Center Outsourcing, then give Worldwide Call Centers a call today at (719) 368-8393!