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  • Need effective, low cost customer support for your business?
  • Frustrated with your internal operations?
  • Tired of your current unprofessional agency?
  • Ready to focus on your core business…instead of your call center?

Then, Outsourcing to Call Centers in India might be the perfect solution!

Indian Call Centers are so prolific in our industry and that the very term “outsourcing” is often synonymous with their country! While is notion certainly isn’t true, India is home to thousands of call center agencies with skills in applications such as:

We have been working with Indian call center agencies for many years and know the market well. These Inbound & Outbound Call Centers generally feature rates that are around 50%-60% less expensive than agencies in Europe or the US.  They normally offer a unique suite of services from non-voice back office applications to tech support and telemarketing.

India has become a true Outsourcing Powerhouse with more than 1 million agents employed providing customer support and sales for clients in the US and other Western Countries.   This has been driven by low costs, access to highly educated agents, reduction in telecom rates, & the ease to information transfer online.  If you are ready to outsource major volume and need great service at a low cost, WCC can help you hire a great call center in India today!

Indian Call Centers can be an excellent choice for:

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If you are interested in outsourcing to India, contact us to have a Senior Call Center Consultant analyze your situation and recommend the BEST Indian Call Center partners in our network today!

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