Domestic vs Offshore Call Centers

Offshore. Call. Centers.  These three words can often invoke negative feelings to consumers in many western nations.  Much of that is justified.  Some companies have implemented offshore outsourcing services in India or The Philippines incorrectly over the years.  They staffed poorly trained agents with thick accents and did everything possible to avoid solving your issue.

However, times are changing and professional offshore call centers are leading the way!  When utilized correctly, offshore outsourcing can provide cost effective support to clients that just wouldn’t be available through western call centers.  The combination of low costs and superior technical skills have made call centers in Asia and Latin America an invaluable tool for many businesses today.

That being said, offshore and domestic agencies both have their place in the current call center industry.  Here is a breakdown:

1.) Offshore Call Center Agencies

Call Centers in low cost, developing countries like The Philippines, India, Latin America & Eastern Europe are often great choices for the following applications:

  • Consumer Lead Generation or Sales with very large targets/lists
  • High Volume Inbound Customer Support
  • Back Office Functions like Transcription, Chat, and Online Research
  • Functions that involve low margin products/services

Offshore Outsourcing isn’t a fit for everything…but the cost savings are substantial and worth considering in the proper situation.

2.) Domestic Call Center Agencies  –

Call Centers in higher cost, developed countries like the US, UK, Australia, & Germany are often great choices for the following applications:

  • BtoB Sales or Lead Generation with a finite database
  • High Value Inbound Support
  • Low Volume Inbound or Outbound
  • Functions that involve high margin products/services

Higher priced call centers are still thriving because certain applications simply require the BEST agents possible.

For more than a decade, offshore outsourcing services have been a great choice for businesses that want to cut costs and increase efficiency.  However, it’s not the best choice for everyone. Hiring an external call center, whether it’s an offshore or onshore call center, carries some amount of risk.  You are sharing information with a third party company, while also tasking them with connecting to your customers…THAT IS A BIG DEAL!  That’s why finding the best possible call center partner (for your unique situation) is vitally important to the success of your outsourcing efforts.

You can trust Worldwide Call Centers to connect you with the best onshore and offshore call centers, whether they are in Manila, Cape Town, Omaha, Prague or Sofia.  We are your Call Center Outsourcing Experts!