The power of offshore outsourcing services is best illustrated in the numbers.
Here are three short case studies:

Our client is a major consumer electronics marketer. Inbound order calls were being handled at their in-house call center. By outsourcing to an agency in The Philippines, they were able to get a rate that was ½ of the quotes from local call centers. In addition, from the very first day of the campaign, the sales conversion rate was actually higher in The Philippines than in their internal call center. The client was amazed and has been able to expand their business much faster because of the power of off-shore outsourcing.

Our client is a major US based mortgage broker. They needed additional sources of leads. By outsourcing to an agency in India, they were able to generate mortgage leads for less than 50% of the cost they were paying to other sources. This has been a spark to their business and has allowed them to double the size of their company in a matter of months!

Our client is a major web based job placement company. They were able to hire one of our call centers in India for a fully loaded rate that is 1/2 of the wages+benefits of an agent in the US. The Indian call center is searching all of the major job web sites online for current resumes. The agents then enter the data for 1000\’s of candidates into a database that is returned to the client daily. This system has been very effective and allowed the client to expand their operations significantly.

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