Six Call Center Outsourcing Guidelines

Call Center Outsourcing can be a great move for your business…or a painful mistake if done incorrectly. Here are some guidelines that will help ensure that outsourcing to an external call center is successful for your company:

1.) Find A Real Partner – When outsourcing to an external call center, you are essentially choosing a partner for your business. The agency should work in harmony with your employees and have the same type of work ethic and dedication to success.

2.) Get Out In Front – Don’t wait until you need help.  Good agencies can often setup very quickly…but give yourself a little breathing room. A few weeks to a month or so is a nice cushion to choose a call center and launch the application.

3.) Communication is Key! – Be clear about what you want outsourcing to accomplish. Communicate projects, expectations, costs, and timelines to your vendor.

4.) Make 1+1 = 3 – Use a company that will expand your “talent base”. Hire a call center in a different location with agents that have a different skill set than your current employees.

5.) Upgrade Your Technology – Outsourcing to a call center agency is a great opportunity to upgrade your technology without spending a dime of capital. Hire an agency that already has the advances technology in place and can help leverage this infrastructure to enhance your profitability.

6.) Never just hire the Low Bidder!! – External call centers are the ultimate “non-Commodity”. You are hiring a company to manage thousands of individual conversations with your customers on a daily basis. Look for a cost competitive agency that also has the experience and infrastructure to deliver day in and day out! Outsourcing is no longer about cutting costs and saving money. It is about how to do things quicker, more efficiently, getting to the market faster than your competitors, maximizing workforce flexibility and gaining access to highly qualified employees.

Call Center Outsourcing is becoming one of the most significant business trends of this decade and we can help you ride the wave!  If you are ready to explore the power of outsourcing, please contact us here or call 719.368.8393.