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US Labor Shortage

Labor Shortage | Outsourcing

in 2022, the biggest issue for many companies is a lack of available skilled & unskilled employees.  As workers walk out or demand more flexible hours, most businesses are facing a challenging labor market.  In fact, in a recent survey of 1,250 business owners, 87% said that the labor shortage has affected their operations.

However, the majority of business owners are finding ways to cope with the difficulty in hiring employees, from automation tools and training current workers to paying higher wages to attract new employees.  Here are the findings below:

  • 3 out of 4 business owners have considered or invested in automation solutions in the face of the labor shortage
  • Of those that have turned to automation, more than half believe this shift will permanently cut back labor
  • 71% of business owners said they are already outsourcing or are considering this option
  • 73% believe the labor shortage has been partially caused by government benefits

To continue servicing customers without a full staff, business owners are turning to more flexible solutions. As an alternative to full-time employees, 71% of business owners surveyed said they had considered or invested in freelance or offshore labor instead. 75% also stated that they have considered or already invested in automation tools as a result of the workforce shortage. Of those who have embraced automation, 55% stated that they believe this shift in their business will permanently cut back labor for the foreseeable future.

In addition to freelance, offshore, and automation alternatives, 72% say they have had to pivot their offerings as a result of the labor market by decreasing open hours or selling more niche products. A majority also say that they have implemented training programs to better help current employees fulfill jobs that business owners would have otherwise hired someone to do.

While most businesses are finding ways to cope, the solution for many Customer Support & Sales operations is clear…OUTSOURCING.  The consultants at Worldwide Call Centers are ready to help SMB’s and large companies around the world in hiring great partners.   Our agencies in locations like Latin America, The Philippines, India, & South Africa are not facing the same labor shortages…so they are able to provide great agents at reasonable rates.

Call Center Outsourcing is a powerful tool that is relatively easy to implement.  You can trust Worldwide Call Centers to connect you with the best Onshore and Offshore call centers, whether they are in Manila, Cape Town, Omaha, Prague or Sofia.

We are your Call Center Outsourcing Experts!

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Call Center Sales Trends for the Great Comeback

Post-Pandemic Call Center Sales Trends

As the economy opens up, consumers and businesses are starting to spend again.  While some have suffered real financial hardship over the past year, others have built up a pool of post-pandemic cash.  In order to maximize share of sales going forward, businesses need to understand that expectations have changed.  Whether you market B2B or B2C, customers are more familiar than ever with online sales channels.  When they do want to speak to a human – and they usually do eventually – they expect agents to be empathetic and professional.  In other words, sales in 2021 are not the same as sales in those long ago days at the start of 2020.  At the very least, the pandemic has accelerated trends already in play.  With that in mind, here are five call center sales trends you need to realize for the post-pandemic world:

1.) Sales..Meet Marketing

Buyers are more demanding than ever.  They expect you to be knowledgeable about their situation and the challenges they face and offer consistent, focused messaging.  To do that effectively, sales and marketing need to be unified.

The fact is, sales people are spending too much of their time not selling.  According to Forbes, about two thirds of the average sales person’s time is spent on non revenue-generating activities.  Many of those precious hours are taken up creating sales content, or conducting research on clients or sectors that would be better conducted elsewhere.

And by ‘elsewhere’, we mean marketing. Sales and marketing need to work more closely together than ever, to make sure that, as a business, you’re delivering consistent, focused messages that filter into every piece of collateral and every customer conversation.  When marketing insights constantly feed into your sales strategy, you’ll be giving customers more of what they want: tailored, relevant information.

2.) Forget Cold…Go Warm

The death of cold calling is a hot topic.  But while having too many leads is every sale manager’s dream, in most cases, this isn’t the reality and a properly equipped strategic outbound sales function is a necessity.

Having said that, the most progressive organizations don’t rely solely on cold calling in a post-pandemic world– they do warm calling instead.  How do you raise the temperature of your prospects as part of your outbound strategy?  It’s a combination of information and efficiency.

Quite simply, don’t go in cold.  Go in armed with all the information you can get on that customer, and as much insight as possible about their pain points and challenges.  Find a timely reason for your call. That might come from your CRM or from sector and industry research.  Ask marketing to give you everything they can.

To achieve team efficiencies and to focus on getting the customer outcomes you want, outbound dialing software comes into its own.  Outbound dialer features, for example, allow you to build an intelligent, data-driven workflow that maximizes the time you spend on the phone with clients and minimizes calls that would go to voicemail.  It learns alongside your agents, refining the process so you’re always targeting the best data at the most effective times.

Put the two together and you’ve gone from cold to warm, and implemented a more efficient outbound sales strategy – an absolute imperative for any business wanting to grow quickly.

2.) Training Needs to Stick

Training sales staff to be more knowledgeable, confident and empathic is great, but at the moment largely ineffective. According to Xerox research, sales professionals lose 87% of training insights in just a month.  How do you make sure sales training is absorbed and implemented?  We suggest using gamification, video and peer learning. Get your teams together regularly – via Microsoft Teams or Zoom if necessary – to share best practice and success stories.

And best of all, create a training journey. Give your agents a training goal, and a series of short, easy-to-absorb steps to achieve it.  Let them track progress towards that goal and take regular tests and revision sessions.  Repetition is the key to learning, but it should be fun, practice-based and easily applicable to day-to-day activities.  In a nutshell, make it easy for agents to turn training into action and action into habit.

4.) Measure The “Important” Metrics

In 2021 the temptation is to measure everything, but you need to focus on metrics that mean something to your customers and your sales teams. Not every metric is relevant to every business.  For one company, long average call time figures are an indication the sales process is too lengthy.  For another, they might offer little real insight.

Nevertheless, real data is essential, and while you may be able to get basic stats from your unified communications provider or telephony solution, implementing customer contact centre software can provide transformational results. Powerful contact centre solutions provide answers, not just information, and give you real insight that drives performance.  In this respect, productivity reporting is key, especially if your teams are working from home.

In addition, trend analysis measures performance over time, illuminating trends that can inform more effective sales strategies. You can even analyze the speech patterns of your best salespeople, learn from them and replicate their methods across the team.

In 2021 the most effective sellers are those that continually hone and refine their strategies and processes. Information is key to that, which is why you need comprehensive reporting functionality in easy-to-understand reports.

5.) Do it Today!

The final trend is perhaps the most important.  With sales activity gearing up for a post-pandemic surge, there’s no time to wait.  Economies are already bouncing back strongly from the Covid crisis, creating a golden opportunity for forward looking call centers.

Companies are readying themselves for the the great comeback.  To make the most of it, please be aware of the changing call center sales trends to improve your operations today!


If you are ready to enhance your call center sales, contact Worldwide Call Centers today at 719.368.8393 to discuss your situation and explore the Contact Center Outsourcing options available from the US and Canada to Eastern Europe, Asia or Latin America.

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Call Center Rates

Warning: Below Market Call Center Rates

An International call center agency proposes a rate that is several dollars below every other agency in that country. Sounds great, right??  Not necessarily! Here are the reasons to stay away from any agency that presents a below market call center rate:

  1. Loss Leader

    Some newer International call centers will provide new clients with a price which is completely unprofitable. They get the client to commit to them and cut ties with their internal center or other outsourcing partner (thinking they got a great deal). Then, a few months later, this cheap call center comes back with some reason why the price needs to be increased $2-$3/hour. This practice is quite unethical and harmful to the client. Be wary…

  2. Filling a hole

    Some call centers will often provide a low price to clients that can quickly “fill a hole” that is left by a former client that terminated their agreement. First of all, you should be cautious about any call center that is put into this position. Secondly, you will likely see the call center come back and raise the price as soon as they recover from the lost client.

  3. Nickel & Dime

    Most professional call centers charge standard rates that are essentially “all-inclusive”.  Therefore, the agency typically has little or no fees for telco, reporting, programming, etc. Desperate international call centers will occasionally provide a VERY low hourly rate to win your business.  However, they often have intentions of charging a variety of fees for every extra service they provide. Make sure that every fee is spelled out in advance by your agency.

  4. Rarely Successful

    Most importantly, below market contracts are almost never successful in the long term.  Find a good Call Center, pay them a fair rate, and enjoy the power of outsourcing!!

    Ready to get started?  Please contact Worldwide Call Centers today at 719.368.8393

Hiring a great International Call Center at the RIGHT Price…

WCC is ready to analyze your specific needs and help you identify quality call centers that will provide you with reasonable outsourcing costs. Moreover, your search will be targeted to introduce you to International call centers with the best combination of location, experience, size, available capacity, and price for your application.

Worldwide Call Centers is Your Connection to the BEST International Call Center Agencies in Latin America, Eastern Europe, & Asia.  For a FREE consultation or to request more information, contact Worldwide Call Centers today!

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Improving Customer Satisfaction

Four Keys To Improve Customer Satisfaction

Clients are becoming more demanding in terms of quality and speed of customer contact. Time is limited and they can often take their business elsewhere in a heartbeat. The stakes are high for winning new customers, retaining them, and ensuring that they are happy and willing to spread the word about your services.  Succeeding in the marketplace requires listening to the voice of your customers throughout their entire journey with your business. Following are four keys that can provide the building blocks for improving your customer satisfaction:

1)  Customer Contact Monitoring: There are a variety of channels through which a customer can contact an organization. Some customers call into a contact center while others prefer self-service through a website or mobile app, which then might lead to an online chat, an email request, or a call for support. It is common for a customer to use multiple channels to solve a particular need. Best practices requires that your company provides consistent information regardless of the channel. For instance, in the sales process, a customer might start on the Web to do some research before making a decision to purchase via a different channel. Across all these contact points, a firm must listen to the voice of the customer to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the interaction and determine the customer’s emotional reaction to that contact. The business insights from these omni-channel contacts can provide specific, actionable ideas not only for enhancements to contact handling, but also for business process improvements and product modifications.

2) Social Media Monitoring: Organizations can’t ignore Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or other social networks. Listening to and responding on social media is an opportunity to understand the customer voice on a different level. The content shared on social media is less predictable and certainly less controllable than other customer feedback mechanisms, as it can go viral quickly. Social media is an increasingly important “voice” of customers, and requires a plan for both monitoring and responding.

3) Customer Feedback: For consumers, it is routine to receive a request for feedback subsequent to a transaction, whether it’s an airline flight, an online purchase, a call for support, or even just a Web site visit. Those detailed surveys, or more targeted satisfaction scores, provide a snapshot of customer satisfaction and/or willingness to promote you to others at that given point in time.

4) Market Research: There is unlimited news and independent third-party perspectives regarding the customer experience for any given industry, and often specific businesses within an industry. Every organization needs to monitor its brand reputation to understand how consumers perceive their business. Companies can examine their own brand perception as well as that of their competitors to update their customer service model and reflect what’s working best within a particular industry.

If you are ready to enhance your customer satisfaction, contact Worldwide Call Centers today at 719.368.8393 to discuss your situation and explore the Contact Center Outsourcing options available from the US and Canada to Eastern Europe, Asia or Latin America.