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Be Skeptical of Below Market Call Center Costs

An agency proposes call center costs that is several dollars below all other call center providers in that country. Sounds great, right?? Not necessarily! Here are the reasons to stay away from agencies with very low call center outsourcing rates:

  1. Loss Leader – Some 2nd tier offshore call centers will provide new clients with a price which is completely unprofitable. Then, they get you to commit to them and cut ties with their internal center or other outsourcing partner. You got a great deal, right? Probably not. Shortly thereafter, the call center comes back with some reason why the price needs to be increased $2-$3/hour. This practice is quite unethical and harmful to the client.  Please be wary…
  2. Filling a hole – Call center providers will often provide a low price to clients that can quickly “fill a hole” that is left by another client that terminated their agreement. First of all, you should be cautious about a call center that is put into this position. Secondly, you will likely see the call center come back and raise the outsourcing cost as soon as they recover from the lost client.
  3. Nickel & Dimed – Most professional agencies charge call center outsourcing rates that are essentially “all-inclusive” – with no or minimal charges for telco, reporting, programming, etc.  Desperate agencies will occasionally provide a very low hourly rate to get the business.  Then, they intend to make up the revenue by charging you for every extra service. Make sure that every fee is spelled out in advance…
  4. Rarely Successful – Most importantly, below market contracts are almost never successful in the long term.

Find good call center providers, pay them a fair rate, and enjoy the power of outsourcing!! Ready to get started? Please contact Worldwide Call Centers today at (719) 368-8393.

Did you know…

With so much turmoil in Europe & the US today, now is a good time to look to emerging markets for a variety of business…including call center services. Call Center Providers in locations such as South Africa, Bulgaria, Hungary, Jamaica, The Dominican Republic, Peru, Mexico, The Philippines, India, Pakistan, Costa Rica & El Salvador can be great options that offer low outsourcing cost, educated labor, & multiple language capability. From Sales & Lead Generation to Customer Service & Technical Support, emerging market call centers are often the best possible option. If you are ready to Go International with your Call Center Outsourcing, then contact Worldwide Call Centers today at (719) 368-8393!

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